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Make your life easier with our perfect configured computer systems

En that's even possible on your own computer or laptop

Where can you find Komp u ter hulp?

Your computer or laptop in English 

Difficulties with Windows in native language?
We install Windows 7 Professional and Office on our computers and laptops.
We do have (at low costs) refurbished computers and laptops that are configured in English and Dutch.

And even in Turkish and French.
Yet after installing, the after care will be much more important.
All our installed systems, being attacked or hit by a virus, can be recovered in one day.

Komp u ter hulp is a non profit organization and propels young people without basic qualifications in 3-4 months to ICT-MBO-3 level. So they can move on with ICT-MBO-4 or start their own business as an independent computer repairman.

Our training is an excellent opportunity, to start a career in
ta -technique for girls too.
Here at least you learn what you have to do, having a steady installation on your own computer.

                                    More girls in the bta -technique

Free PC to tackle educational deficiencies

How do you help children from ethnic minorities tackle educational deficiencies? In the Zeehelden quarter of The Hague the Bewonerscollectief Prins Hendrikstraat en Omgeving is providing computers for ethnic minority families.



Our standard laptop desktop

Our superior installation techniques prevent a lot of problems

We split the hard disk in two partitions, C and D.
Than the operating system (os) will be installed with the latest updates and programs.
The folders with documents, music, video, downloads, favorites etc. will be moved to D.

You can just work, but all your data (data) is now stored on D. 
The C partition only shows the operating system.

And when everything is ready, we make a copy (image) of the whole C and it is written on D.

The image will be posted on D as a hidden file, so that it can't be deleted by accident.

When the computer crashes or get a virus, we can replace that image.
And because all of your data is saved on D, no data loss will occur.
Perhaps you have to reinstall your printer at most, but that will be all.
Than we install the latest updates and we make a new image for the next time

You can copy the data and the image from D to a folder on an external hard disk.
With SyncToy (already installed), D can be synchronized with this external hard drive.
When the hard disk of the computer or laptop fails, we can use the data and the image on the external disk for a new hard drive. Reactivation from Windows 7 or 10 and Office is even not needed.

En that's even possible on your own computer or laptop
We shrink the C partition, create an additional D partition, moving the data to D, deleting all the mess from the internet, and we make an image of the C just as above.