More abouth the IT training, durating, certificate and costs.

Do you not have the right degrees, choosed the wrong education, or are you unemployed, and are you interested in IT? 
With 3 months training you have the change to be admitted at ICT-MBO-4 level (grade 11-12) and you also can go directly for a job in IT

And that is also possible without any prior education. 
You don't need to know anything about IT. 
Motivation and a good memory are sufficient.
1 on 1 guidance and also excellent for girls/ women.
You build also a very strong presentation with your own website/portfolio.
See the examples below.

MBO-4 is the highest level of secondary vocational education, which means that you can go on to HBO (College).



If you want to go directly for a job in IT, you can follow Comptia A+, provided that your English is good to very good.

Was unemployed, despite her Havo-5 and 8 years of administrative work experience.
That is a broad profession nowadays.
In other words: a profession that is becoming more and more automated.
In 4 months retrained to ICT management level MBO-3-4 (grade 11-12)

Has acquired extensive knowledge of IT management, and is also able to perform administrative work (SAP and BAS)

She found a job at qiss-it  

And has now completed the migration for the Trade Union to Windows 10
Is currently working at a service desk where 26 different companies are customers.
With a permanent appointment.


Cheska a Phillipino (20) who fell outside everywhere.
With 4 months of effective training.
Skips 4 years to go directly to College (HBO) Business IT and Management

Student number, teacher's schedule and book list



Specialised in IT, Video and Graphic Design
Will now be supervised by the municipality of The Hague in setting up her own video company