Info, curriuculum and examples of website portfolios to get a job or move to higher education

And that is also possible without any prior education. 
You don't need to know anything about IT. 
Motivation and a good memory are sufficient.
1 on 1 guidance and also excellent for girls/ women.

Employers want to see demonstrable skills. 
That's why you build a website as a portfolio.

Training duration
To obtain an MBO diploma you need to follow at least 2 years of education.
The very intensive 1 on 1 programme of max. 3 months is therefore in stark contrast with the other 
programmes, and explains why Komp cannot give you an MBO diploma.
With MBO-2-3-4 you will spend a total of 8 years.
If after your stay at Komp you still don't know how it works, it is advisable to do something else, which you are good at,
something else.  
In addition, employers today are not really happy with ICT-MBOers.*
*Information, Communication, Technology
In 3 months or less you may be eligible for MBO-4
MBO-4 is the highest level of secondary vocational education, which means that you can go on to HBO (College).

With Server 2016 , Exchange mail server and PXE server hunts Komp u ter hulp students 
to unprecedented heights in IT. 
And also with cyber cybersecurity, which the minister Ingrid van Engelshoven described as 
is onsufficiently. You can also say that Komp gives you a MBO-5 or even level 6 training.
Although OCW (the ministry) will never want to admit it. 

MBOers are not very positive about the course either.

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Women often turn out to be better at IT.
Some are already ready after 6 weeks, so that they can move on to paid work.
You don't need to know anything about ICT. 
Motivation, common sense and a good memory are sufficient.
IT is ultimately a profession of nothing. 
That's something you've mastered so well.

Employment perspective MBOer
And the minister's statement does not really help either, because she pulls the ground away under the MBO's full employment perspective. 
ICT is very broad.
Web design, network management, ICT management, ICT management, programming, etc.
And she gets 1 part out of it (cybersecurity) and does it in such a way that the entire ICT education
seems to be insufficient.    
The minister's comments are also heard by companies and the number of vacancies for MBOers is currently minimal.
They only ask for graduate HBOers (College level).
But you do have to prick through it.
You look at what the job requirements are and if they correspond to your skills you have already learned, you present yourself with your portfolio.

Komp u ter hulp has the study guide of ISACA CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals.
And that in both English and Dutch.

The intention is to prevent hacking and other misery.

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MBO-4 often does not go beyond installing a standard server and hardware is generally speaking, they are 
only treated theoretically.
The material is there not available, but it is at Komp u ter hulp.
PXE server is for many MBO's totally unknown territory.
In those 350 hours you learn to install all the hardware, and you complete the entire

You will not receive a diploma, but you will receive a certificate with a list of the activities performed. 
and also the assessment of some personal qualities such as stress resistance etc.
This gives an employer direct insight into what you can do and what it can do for you.

Overview competences

You are looking for ICT HBO (College) positions and then you look at the job requirements.
And if they match with your skills you have already acquired, apply for them.

Apply as a woman
Forget the recruiters, contact the companies directly.
In the Netherlands, only 5% of women work in ICT and that is because of ....women.
Experience shows that a woman who responds to a female recruiter runs the risk of being rejected 9 out of 10 times.
Men can also give you this rejection, but they often pass on your data to colleagues. 

Women are generally not very good at salary negotiations.
But if they want to hire you because of your skills, consider the following: 
A HBO-er (college graduate) costs 1.000 euro gross per month more than you do.
If you qualify for HBO, you stipulate that you may do HBO part-time at the expense of the company.
Then you have no debts to study.
During the 48 months of higher professional education you will be following, the company will save 48,000 euros in salary. 
And the costs of that part-time HBO are deducted from the profit, which in turn saves 25% corporation tax.


The costs are 2.496 euros to master the curriculum, which can vary from 6 weeks to a maximum of 3 months, depending on the previous training.

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