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Nuffic diploma discouragement valuation policy gives refugees and other non-European students virtually no chance in higher education.
When it comes to valuing the diplomas of status holders or other foreign students, for connection to the labour market and/or higher education, they have nothing to do with Nuffic. 
Forget that Nuffic, and go to the Belgian Naric for that diploma valuation. 

What should I do?

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You go to the Naric to apply for a diploma rating.
If they appreciate this as 2nd grade secondary education, it is equal to Havo-5 (grade 12) and you are admitted to higher professional education. College (HBO). 
The Nuffic is subordinate / equivalent to the Naric and therefore a higher professional education (HBO) will have to accept this.
To avoid discussion, you can show the student enrolment that proof of the Nuffic's own website (mirror).

They can try to make you understand that you are earning money, but as a foreign student you really unhappy in NL.
Refugees who wish to (re)take a higher professional education (HBO) course here are immediately confronted with TOEFL's admission requirements for the English-language courses, and on NT2 for the Dutch-language courses.
The point of concern (and annoyance) is that the advice of Nuffic for a foreign diploma, from countries that are not on de Lissabon-list  *, is invariably 1 or 2 degrees lower than one would expect. It is as if these countries should be punished for not being part of that club. The question then arises as to whether those countries did not want to take part or were deliberately kept out by not inviting them to that conference. 
* Mirror

If you see how they argue these valuations, it seems as if they do so with a sniff coke in their nose. 
Perhaps we should call it the Snuffic from now on.

"Since the high school curriculum in the Philippines is the same for everyone, this means that all pupils achieve the same learning outcomes, regardless of the marks they have obtained." 
Read that sentence again. No right-minded person can come up with that. then you are disturbed. Whether you have an average of a 4 or an 8 on your numerical list, is therefore irrelevant to that sNuffic. They have 69 country modules, but not from the Philippines, and the same curriculum for every child is not right either. There, too, they have a package with compulsory and optional courses, just like here at the Havo. 
For example, you can be happy if you get a meagre vmbo-t rating for a comparable high school diploma. While the Naric (the Belgian, more solid Nuffic) appreciates that at 2nd degree General Secondary Education, and that in their table corresponds to Havo-5. 
( mirror )

Certificate of the second degree of secondary education

And that makes you admissible to higher professional education. College (HBO). The Nuffic does not give legally valid advice against which you cannot lodge an appeal. 
While the Naric issues ministerial decisions where you can appeal up to their Council of State. And that is why they are much more solidly substantiated.
Submit your application.
You may therefore ask yourself how it is possible that Nuffic's educational comparison department, which has been designated an Enic-Naric-centre for the Netherlands, makes such a difference in diploma evaluation. That Nuffic puts a Fillipin High School diploma on VMBO-t and the Naric, which actually includes Nuffic, classifies it as 2nd degree secondary education, which corresponds to Havo-5. 
More info... (mirror)
Nuffic charges 148,83 euro euros for a dubious advice and the Naric for a, confirmed decision with the signature and stamp of the authorised official.
And that costs 90 euro euros.

So don't make the mistake of asking Nuffic for advice, because that undervaluation is recorded and continues to chase you. And you must prevent a higher professional education (HBO) from applying for Nuffic advice itself, because then that undervaluation will still be registered.
You have to make it clear to HBO that Nuffic does not want to conform to the policy of the
Enic-Naric-centre and escapes all legal proceedings.
It comes down to printing out that information (
mirror) and handing it in with that Naric decides what you get.
The whole misery started in 2003/2004 when the Nuffic was buried under student lawsuits and they turned their decisions into advices with the effect that no appeal is possible.

Nuffic claims to be governed by the General Administrative Act (AWB).
However, as already indicated, they do not take decisions and do not give decisions, but only give advice. According to the AWB, Nuffic cannot be held liable in law because it is not possible to appeal against an advice. This essentially demonstrates the lawlessness of Nuffic. (Comment by the National Ombudsman)
Nuffic defended itself by stating that universities of applied sciences would have the freedom to disregard an advisory report, while Nuffic, and the judges, are very well aware that there is hardly any deviation from this.
Universities of applied sciences do not have a diploma evaluation department of their own. And why should they, too, as the ministry has appointed Nuffic for those valuations.
Naric Flanders assesses foreign diplomas on equivalence for secondary school programmes and is affiliated to the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO), which was established as an independent, binational accreditation organisation by treaty by the Dutch and Flemish governments in order to provide an expert and objective assessment of the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders.It is extremely strange that we have had to conclude that every study programme of a university of applied sciences or university must be accredited by NVAO, but that a legally valid decision of the associated Naric is ignored as irrelevant because the student enrolments of the universities of applied sciences only regard the Nuffic recommendation as binding.
But there's something you can do about it either, and can start a procedure at the
CBHO so that you can get overrule them
After all, they do that with you as well.

Skip 4 years of SNuffic MBO-4 (grade8-12) and allowed for College (HBO) Business IT and Management.

Admission, timetable and book list for College (HBO) Rotterdam

In all kinds of proceedings concerning Nuffic, the working method is explained as being a reflection of what is considered to be good practices. Now it's beautiful on paper, but we can't do anything with it. Regularly referring to our good reputation is also meaningless to us. Substantiation is in our vision, to show (report, research, reference work, etc.) on which this is based. Nuffic uses a global comparison based on the general level of education. In doing so, Nuffic shall not be liable and shall be inviolable in that respect. And even  canonized by the various ministries, agencies, etc. There is no body that controls, let alone corrects, Nuffic; there is an appeal procedure, but it is handled internally. If one does not agree with the internal handling of the objection, then no appeal procedure is possible.
Now the question, what is the value of a diploma evaluation of Nuffic if it can evade liability for the consequences of possible inaccuracies or incompleteness. The monopoly position of Nuffic can be called special. Even the judiciary does not and cannot give an opinion on the correctness of a valuation by Nuffic. In other words, the foreign diploma holders are at the mercy of the Nuffic, who give this group a rating and they have to accepted.
There is no way to ask for an impartial opinion on whether the valuation is correct. It seems that Nuffic, and also only Nuffic, has the expertise to make an assessment of the value of a foreign diploma.

*source: http://www.filippijnen.org/


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