Second location Komp u ter hulp

Former Staedion office building Guntersteinweg Moerwijk
In this building all kinds of initiatives were developed for the benefit of the district.
Komp u ter hulp was located on the 1st floor. The yellow circle.


The bad cooperation, or more the total absence of it, between the different organisations
in that neighborhood, however, have made us decide to leave
A shame about all the work and the expensive modification of the electrical installation, but unfortunately.

The inventory has donated to a school in the Ukraine.


Comp-tia examination room



Camera's intern and Comp-Tia observation from the USA



Comptia examination room



Making networkcables 



Thin Clients






"Women and technology" is often rather disparaging.
Kim fixes everything.




Bussy with the Gigabyte Network









Oh, wat zijn ze blij met die stugge CAT 6 kabels.
Als we voor elke verwensing een euro zouden krijgen, dan kunnen we moeiteloos nog 5 andere locaties inrichten.





But we didn't know it was so boring with us.
You'll settle down in a minute.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Wake up! Wake up! Time for your afternoon nap!